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Exit & Emergency Lighting

No body really imagines their death in the work place. Maybe this is a good thing, but what if you were responsible for all those deaths?

On top of seeing your precious employees perish in a fire or a terrorism scenario.

Exit and emergency lighting is extremely imperative in these scenarios. Here are our top 5 reasons to have exit and emergency lighting in your work place.

Sydney Fire Saved By Emergency Lighting1.Your Employees Lives Are In Your Hands

Being a business owner or maintenance worker for a small or large business, your role involves keeping your employees and staff safe in case of an emergency situation. If a fire broke out tomorrow in your work place, would you be as happy as these chaps on the left? Being able to walk out of a burning building with no injuries or scratches?

Is A UPS Enough?

Power is usually the first thing to be cut out, at this point, back up power should come on right? WRONG! Unless you have a UPS installed, all the lights would of been cut off by now, you can get them pretty cheap for smaller work places, but for larger workplaces you will need to buy a higher capacity model. More info about UPS systems (see pricing & info here). A UPS system will not keep your employees from certain death though, it can play a big role in allowing enough time for every body to get out of the burning building but what if the exit lights are not working, or there is none?

You Need Exit & Emergency Lighting

This is where Exit & Emergency lights come into play, if you have more employees than yourself, or an area larger than 150 SQM, you should really consider emergency lighting in the workplace. Sure, you may know how to get out of the building in time to save your self, but what about Barry on level 3 who started 2 days ago, will he be able to find his way in a panic quickly downstairs through the fire stairs? Wait, where are the fire stairs? He does not know, because he usually takes the lifts!

Won’t My Building Already Be Protected?

Chances are, probably not. Just because you recently acquired the building, or you are a new site manager, it doesn’t mean the last tenants held up their end. This is in fact how most work place deaths occur. The consequences can be catastrophic. A small kitchen fire once killed 5 kitchen staff members in Wagga Wagga NSW at a pub. This is because being a rural area, they did not have a regular electrician or fire contractor protecting and maintaining the site every 6 months.

Unfortunately not enough is being done with regards to making sure every building has an active emergency lighting system that is regularly maintained according to the AS2293.3 Emergency Lighting Code.

check for exit and emergency at every exit door

2. Locate All Exit & Emergency Lights

  1. Entry & Exit Points
  2. Hallways Leading To Exit Points
  3. If there is more than one door in a room, there needs to be an exit at the door which can lead to an exit the easiest
  4. Fire Stairs – At Every Entry and Exit Point in a fire stairs
  5. Car Parks – Main Entry and Exit (Batten Lights need to have backup battery also)



Emergency lights are required for all exit routes, including aisles, corridors, ramps and stairs, if you are unsure, contact us, we will put you in contact with honest fire contractors and electricians who care about safety and have great transparent & affordable pricing.

Image result for check list

3. Create a Check List – Locate & Replace

Exit and Emergency Check List. Proceed to go through your building, no matter the size, it is very important that you complete the first check.

  • Locate all of the exit signs on site, firstly check if there is an exit sign at every exit door
  • Wonderful, now check if there if any of them are on? Keep a record of the ones that work and also the ones which are not on, to replace later.
  • After shutting down the power in the building, go through with a flash light, and check if they all are still on, it is a legal requirement that they should stay on for at least 90 mins before shutting off to allow enough time to escape if there is a fire or emergency situation.
  • After waiting 90 minutes, compile a list of exit lights that will need to be replaced to a new one. It is important to maintain this every 6 months so your building can be a secure place, often when there is a fire, a lot of publicity comes afterwards and you do not want to be caught out with a non compliant & non maintained emergency setup. The fine can be millions, not to mention gaol time.

4. Visit Our Store to purchase Australian Standard Exit & Emergency Lighting

Learn the difference between indoor and out door emergency lighting, maintained and non maintained. It is important that you get the correct exit and emergency lighting or else your electrician will not be able to install them.

email sales@oktayg2.sg-host.com with your results from your check list and we can supply a part list that will fit your scenario.

Exit & Emergency Lighting


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