Clevertronics Weatherproof Exit – 2 Great Alternatives!

A great quality, cost-effective option compared to the expensive Clevertronics Weatherproof Exit. When you weigh both options up,  the Globex Lighting Weatherproof Exits actually comes out far superior at a fraction of the price.

Clevertronics Weatherproof Exit

Clevertronics Weatherproof Exit

Price: $279.00 + GST

Brand – Clevertronics

Part Number – CWELED-WM-R

IP Rating – IP67

Colour – White

Viewing Distance – 24m

Mounting – Wall

Battery – Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery technology

IP65 Exit Weatherproof - Wall Mount 24mGlobex Weatherproof Exit

Price – $75.00

Brand – Globex Lighting

Part Number – GL-WP-EXIT-WALL

IP Rating – IP65 (Completely Waterproof)

Colour – White

Viewing Distance – 24m

Mounting – Wall

Battery – Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery technology

If you are weighing up the options, there is not much of a difference between the Clevertronics Weatherproof Exit and the Globex Weatherproof exit light. Let’s have a look at the warranty details.

Clevertronics Warranty Information

Domestic Use

3 Years (Battery 12 months)

Commercial Use

3 Years (Battery 12 months)

Globex Warranty Information

Domestic Use

3 Years (Battery 3 Years)

Commercial Use

3 Years (Battery 3 Years)
The Globex Lighting version is far superior in warranty.
If you want to check out other exit lights we have follow this link. Not just the weatherproof exit, we also have regular exits, over 20 different exit lights to choose from.
Take advantage of our free fast delivery Australia wide.
Sensor Lights

Sensor Ceiling Lights

The sensor ceiling lights by Globex Lighting are a great range of lights that complement any environment it is in. It is a subtle yet unique ceiling light that blends style and energy efficiency together. Watch as the team at Globex Lighting dive in and give you a virtual product tour of the sensor light.

sensor ceiling light

Sensor Ceiling Lights

The Globex Lighting LED Ceiling Light with an in-built sensor is a great product that is fit for many different applications indoors. It can be used in hallways, staircases, rooms, dorms, high and low traffic areas, and the list goes on and on.

This product has smart lighting capabilities that aim to save up to 80% energy efficiency compared to traditional methods of lighting. The sensor ensures the light is only operational when there is motion detected thus eliminating the use of wasted electricity.

Traditional LED Ceiling Lights VS Sensor Ceiling Lights

Traditional LED ceiling lights are still a great alternative to halogen and fluorescent lighting products, you can gain over 50% saved electricity when upgrading to LED from the former. When comparing the sensor ceiling lights to the regular LED lights, we need to keep in mind that the savings come in the form of smarter usage.

Being a sensor light, human error and forgetting to initially switch the light off can add to the increased use of energy when comparing the statistics to a year worth of use especially when you have more than one light installed.

The sensor light can even save up to 50% compared to a standard LED light. Let’s take a university or a school building as an example, normally you would have hundreds of lights that are turned on at 7 am and turned off after 10 pm, this is sometimes 9 hours a day of continued light use. now imagine how many of those lights do not need to be on all the time.

One of the huge benefits of upgrading to sensor ceiling lights is the fact that while there is nobody present, the light does not need to be on for no reason. The light is only switched on when there is detection detected from within 8 meters. The light will turn on automatically and shut off a little while after they leave. Globex Lighting is literally the expert of sensor and smart lighting solutions.

Sensor Ceiling Lights – Durability & Longevity

There are many benefits to upgrading to sensor ceiling lights”

  1. Globex Sensor Ceiling Lights are rated to 100,000 Hours of life – normally this would be around 11 years of regular usage 9-5, now let’s take into account the amount of LED life saved if this light was only on for 3 hours a day all up due to its sensor use. Hypothetically speaking this would last 33 years. It is not always the case, but as you can see it is clearly a long life for each light.
  2. Tough Steel Body – The Globex Lighting LED sensor ceiling light is created by pressed steel, the body is durable and is powder-coated to be a strong fitting that will last in any indoor condition, we did not want to create a light that almost lasts for every on a body that will deteriorate fast. This is the special combination of Globex products, they are built to last
  3. Great Internals Long-Lasting – Being a manufacturer of high quality LED lights and are leading distributors for many great Australian brands, we know a thing or two about lighting, our primary customers are contractors and electrician, we build these lights for the installer in mind and aim to create simple outstanding products. The inside of the fitting is just as important as the outside. With great LED driver technology and emergency lighting technology inside this fitting, it allows us to provide a 3 year complete fitting warranty, we are the first company in Australia to offer 3 years on the complete fitting, we are that confident you are choosing a great product.

Sensor Ceiling Lights – How do they work?

Sensor Ceiling LightsAfter the light is installed and the power switched on, the light will stay on as you have just finished installing it and the sensor is reacting to your body, once you and everybody else in that area leave the room or detection range (8 metres) the light will automatically turn off.

The sensor works great to pick up your movement when you are in the area so it will not prematurely shut up. It will stay active as long as the movement continues in the area.

These lights are perfect for areas just like smaller car parks, hallways, university, schools hospitals where the foot traffic is common and also not so common.

Sensor Ceiling Lights – Save you money

These lights are created to cut down costs, plain and simple, the LED lighting technology is forever evolving and sensor smart lighting is becoming the norm, if you are reading this because you want to upgrade, you are at the right place, you are picking a product that will compliment your home or business.

It will look great and serve a real purpose in lowering your lighting-related bills, it will ensure the lights are only used when they need to be on and off when they should be on all the time.

Smart lighting is nothing short of impressive, when we designed and created we added a feature that potentially saves lives. We have added an emergency led driver and battery pack into this model, it is SAA approved to Australian standards as an emergency light. It even has a manual test button.

This feature was added in case the power cuts off due to a short circuit or any other emergency situation such as a city-wide blackout, these lights will stay on for another 3 hours after the blackout occurs, this ensures the building is still lit up permanently until things resume back to normal.

So these are Emergency Sensor Ceiling Lights?

Globex Lighting has gone all out on creating the perfect sensor light, no other company has the attention to detail and create a smart lighting product that is useful in emergency situations also, the light has gone through hundreds of hours of rigorous testing.

The battery will last years and we warranty the battery at 3 years also. Have confidence that the product you are buying is 100% Australian approved and certified to the relevant Australian standards.

Final Words

sensor ceiling lightsIt’s not everyday light like this becomes available at a price like this, its no secret the Globex Lighting products are the most sought after ceiling lights in the Australian market, we provide pricing that is unmatched and quality that is unbeatable. We are a 100% Australian owned and operated company and provide 3 years warranty on every lighting product we distribute.

Every order comes with a warranty certificate and with the added benefit of free delivery in Australia. We are not just hellbent on creating great products for the Aussie market, we pride our selves on our customer service and after-sales.

When you purchase from Globex Lighting you are receiving the complete experience, automated tracking numbers sent once the purchase is complete, your dedicated account manager that can assist you with any questions you might have before or after buying. Hints and tips and a well of knowledge is only one step away at all times.

To buy the Globex Lighting oyster sensor light, visit the following link and you will be taken to the product page – Click Here

To read more of our LED lighting blogs – View Our Blogs

To find out more about what a sensor is and how they are used – View the sensor Wiki


Electrical Wholesale Suppliers

Electrical Wholesale Suppliers online by Globex Lighting is Australia’s favorite online store for buying lighting, electrical data, security, and much more. Make no mistake, we are the best-priced store on the internet and it isn’t by accident. Globex is able to give you the best prices by initially purchasing mega loads of stock from Australia’s best suppliers. We stock up by the thousands on popular items and receive great pricing for them, thus we are able to offer 20-50% off regular trade pricing.

Electrical Wholesale Suppliers – Large Range

Have confidence that the products you are searching for, we will have them here, if not, there is a form located on the bottom of this page that you can request products, we will try our best to deliver it, if not we can quote you a better, cheaper alternative of the same spec and look. We are specialists when it comes to product sourcing and we only find the best products at the best prices, we make sure you stay under your budget and get the job done for a better price.

We have a few categories to choose from, once you click the category you will be taken to the shop page for that specific category, once in there, you will be able to select through them until you find exactly what you are looking for, no other online store is like this one, they are quite broad and you will find it hard to pick out exactly what you are looking for straight away. This is the Globex Lighting difference, we care about saving you time, money, and offer the best products for your buck!

Electrical Wholesale Suppliers (1)

Electrical Wholesale Suppliers – Looking for a new supplier?

Make the switch to Globex Lighting today, we are an honest, family-owned company and have many years of experience in wholesaling, electrical knowledge, and product knowledge. Globex Lighting is always upgrading, researching, and developing new products. Being a 100% online electrical wholesaler, we have many relationships with some of Australias largest manufactures. We are able to provide extremely competitive pricing. We treat all of our customers the same, we don’t prioritize, every customer is treated with respect, the sharpest pricing, and a great sales experience and after service. We offer rewards for dealing with our company, so you can take advantage of this today!

Electricial Wholesale Suppliers

All of the products found on adhere and are certified to the Australian Standards.r

Electrical Wholesale Suppliers (2)
led lighting Oyster Lights

Indoor Motion Sensor Light

I want to show you the indoor motion sensor light by Globex Lighting. It’s packed with features you will love. This oyster light is unlike any other in the market. For starters, you can order the light how you want via the customisation/light builder on the product page.

Indoor Motion Sensor Light

  • Rated for 100,000 hours of LED life
  • Comes in 2 styles, ULTRA power saver & ECO
  • Optional with flex & plug or hardwired
  • Emergency battery located inside the fitting in case there is a power outage
  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • 3 Years Product Warranty

Indoor Motion Sensor Light

Fully equipped for all indoor lighting needs, this light is perfect for all situations. This light is designed to save you maximum power and is only on when people are within the detection range. It is off all other times.

1st Type (ECO Power Saver)

  • Operates on an on /off basis
  • Light Activation within the 8-metre detection range

2nd Type (ULTRA Power Saver)

  • Operates on an on/off basis
  • Light Activation within the 8-metre detection range
  • Has a light level sensor and doesn’t turn on in the day time(when there is enough light)

To buy this product please click the following link and be transferred to the product page.

If you want to learn more about sensors.

Emergency Lighting

Emergency Exit Signs – Our Top 5 Picks

Emergency Exit Signs

Hi There, welcome to Globex Lighting. We have written this post on behalf of the hundreds of requests we receive monthly for our recommended emergency exit signs to supply for the Australian market. Our Top 10 will break it down for you and provide an exit sign for every purpose. Hope you enjoy it.  If your not sure what an exit sign is click here to learn more.

1. Quick Connect – Emergency Exit Signs

quick fit exit

This is the standard exit light that is the best bang for the buck and usually kept on hand by all sparkies, it is important to have these bad boys near you either at the office or in the van. In most cases and most scenarios, having the quick connect exit on hand will get you out of trouble and provide the customer with a decent LED affordable exit light in their space. Click Here to view them


emergency recessed exit light2. Premium Recessed or Surface Mount

The Premium Recessed/Exit lights are not your every day exits, these are usually requested on tenders or by establishments that require a more professional look in the building. These exits are great to look at and will no doubt impress the customer. They are common in places like restaurants and clubs and can come in a Recessed and a Surface Mounted option. Click Here to View Recessed Version and Here for Surface Version.


Jumbo 48m Exit3. Jumbo Exit Light Indoor and Outdoor

The jumbo exit are not your average exit, hence the name. These are massive exit lights that provide a 48m viewing distance, perfect for a Costco or a large car park, they can come in various types such as Jumbo 48m or Jumbo 40m, in some instances they can come in Jumbo IP65 40m for weatherproof options. If you are in need of jumbos, you can bet Globex Lighting has your back and keeps them in stock and on hand for when they are needed.


Black Exit Light

4. Theatre Emergency Exit Signs – Quick Connect and Blade

Black Exit Lights are awesome, they are needed for night clubs, museums, and places where they are meant to be discreet, nobody wants to see an exit light in a night club, it can ruin the space, that’s why these black exits are invented. They are designed to not be seen by you. Globex provides black and green decals and also black fittings to ensure your exit light is not in view. Click here to view them.


Weatherproof IP65 Exit
Weatherproof IP65 Exit

5. Weatherproof Emergency Exit Signs – Wall and Ceiling IP65

The IP65 Weatherproof Exit Light is designed to be installed in the open, under eaves, or even outside, it has an IP65 Ingress protection rating meaning it can be mounted completely outside and be submerged through the water. It will take more than a splash of water to stop this light from working. It is the go-to choice for sparkies who are in need of weatherproof exit light.  Click Here to View the Wall Version or Ceiling Version

Oyster Lights

LED Oyster Light – Our Ultimate Guide For Buying Ceiling Lights in Australia


Hi, and welcome to the Globex Lighting blog called the “Ultimate Buying Guide”.

We cover the Full Spectrum for buying LED oyster lights, we understand your next project is a valuable one and you want to choose the best fitting for the environment. Often times we see many people just going online and buying the cheapest oyster they see without any regard for product look function as well as suitability, if you know what your looking for then great, check out the LED Oyster Lights here, otherwise keep reading on for our ultimate guide.

We break the guide down to 2 easy steps: The first one being the oyster type, the second being the application.

In order to choose the right type of Led oyster light for your next project whether it is residential commercial or even industrial we need to first understand the different types of oyster lights there are out there.


1. The first type is the light bulb oyster lights this is the most simple type and the most old fashioned type it usually has a glass or a plastic cover with either one or two bulbs sockets inside if you have this type of oyster light and you are not looking at removing the actual fitting your easiest choice of the upgrade will be to just buy LED light bulbs also you need to pay attention to the space inside the glass if done correctly it is a very simple 5-minute install and your energy savings can be up to 90%. Click here to view our LED bulbs.

2. The second type of Led oyster light is the fluro oyster light this is the most common out there in the market however this draws the most electricity out of all the oyster lights and it is almost an ancient technology fluro oyster lights along being phased out with the replacements of Led oyster lights comma by upgrading to a LED oyster light in this fittings place you can actually save again 50 to 90% of energy savings you do so

3. The third and final type of Led oyster light is the LED oyster light these are the fittings which you will find below on this page these are the newest technology and energy-efficient oyster lights in today’s market full stop these fittings use LED chips inside instead of globes of tubes they also physically look the best as well as perform the best comma with the LED technology and the spread-out chips it allows the light to diffuse evenly and they are housed in slimmer fittings compared to that of fluro oysters comma all about LED oyster lights a surface mounted either for a wall or ceiling with the easy install from the back.

Now that we understand the various types of oyster lights we can continue into our buying guide below:

We’re going to talk about applications for LED oyster lights now generally oyster lights can be found from anywhere such as bedrooms Hallways schools hospitals Kitchens unit blocks office buildings and much more

If your install is for indoors then you can go with an ip20 rated oyster light which is for inside or indoors, these are generally you’re more affordable oyster lights with a slimmer design and may come in white fittings or silver fittings, generally, the wattage of this oyster lights will range between 16w and 24w depending on the ceiling height.

Next up you have the ip65 oyster lights comma these are generally installed Outdoors as they have Ingress protection of ip65 which means that no rainwater will go inside to fit in once installed correctly which means dislike can be Installed Outdoors in stairways under the pergola in sheds comma these lights are more heavy-duty and more in line with commercial installations but again can be used in your backyard area if you’re installing indoor.

Read our other guides here.

Thanks for reading, contact us below for more information.




Emergency Lighting

Emergency Lighting Supply Australia

Globex Lighting Emergency & Exit Lights are the go-to choice for many electricians. The
extensive product range is compatible with many existing installations and

The fitting is created for the installer

  • Large terminal blocks
  • Exit lights contain all of the running man decals and legends to suit any application
  • Australian Standards certified according to AS2293
  • Designed for any application including domestic, commercial and industrial jobs
  • Fittings are fast to install and easy to handle

This fitting is Designed for the customer

  • Great looking fittings
  • Energy Efficient LED technology to save money on bills
  • Batteries that go for a long time and long lasting.
  • Reduced maintenance costs, lowest energy consumption

Energy Efficient Exit Lights
Globex Trade Battens and Emergency Lights offer significant energy and cost savings when compared to traditional T8 fluorescent lamps.

Low Maintenance Emergency Lighting
Globex Lighting Emergency Lights use new energy efficient LED technology which are long lasting with low maintenance.

emergency exit and led exit lights

Exit Lights

  • LED Exit 24m Universal Lights
  • Weatherproof Exit Lights
  • Jumbo 48m Exit Lights
  • QUICK-FIT Exit lights
  •  BLADE (Recessed) exits
  • Surface Mounted Blade Exits

Emergency Lights

  • LED Spitfire Lights
  • Surface Mounted Spitfire Lights
  • Bulkhead Emergency
  • Emergency Light test units
  • Theatre Lights (black emergency)


  • LED Tricolour Batten 2ft
  • LED Tricolour Batten 4ft
  • LED Tricolour Batten 2ft Emergency
  • LED Tricolour Batten 4ft Emergency
  • LED Tricolour Batten 2ft Emergency Microwave Sensor
  • LED Tricolour Batten 4ft Emergency Microwave Sensor
  • LED Weatherproof Tricolour Batten 2ft
  • LED Weatherproof Tricolour Batten 4ft
  • LED Weatherproof Tricolour Batten 2ft Emergency
  • LED Weatherproof Tricolour Batten 4ft Emergency
  • LED Weatherproof Tricolour Batten 2ft Emergency Microwave Sensor
  • LED Weatherproof Tricolour Batten 4ft Emergency Microwave Sensor

Emergency Lighting Supply Australia

Emergency and exit lights Supplier

LED Exit Light, Emergency LED Lights

led lighting

Why change from fluorescent lights to LED lights?

Why change from fluorescent to LED?

The most compelling reason to switch to LED battens is simple. It’s cheaper in the long run. LEDs cost half as much to run and don’t require anything like the maintenance demanded by fluorescent tubes.

Return on investment

The investment in new fittings can be paid off in less than 3 years with the energy and maintenance savings alone. The new fixtures have the huge advantage of a long life – they will still be emitting 70% of their original brightness after 50,000 hours of use. Considering that around 3,000 hours is an entire year of 8 hours use a day, this equates to over 16 years of regular use. The drop off in brightness for fluorescents may not be as dramatic as for other conventional light sources, but after a few years they do fail and must be replaced.

Fluorescent hassles

There are other reasons. LED battens are much more robust and can take a knock without blinking. Anyone who has bumped a fragile fluorescent tube with a ladder and contemplated the clean-up will appreciate this distinct difference. The other disadvantage of fluorescents is somewhere among the shattered glass – toxic mercury. The danger posed by the tiny amount in fluorescent tubes is negligible, but the accumulation of these tiny amounts in landfill adds up to a problem that means you are not allowed to just toss dead tubes in the bin.

Versatile LED

Finally there is versatility. LEDs switch on and off instantly without any problems for the chips. This means you don’t have the flickering start that fluorescents have, but it also means that the LED luminaire lends itself to all manner of smart sensors and innovations. Haneco’s sturdy outdoor TRIPROOF battens (proof against dust, moisture and impact) and indoor VISTA come with Tritone, three colour temperatures on the one fitting. You can switch between them and choose from warm white, neutral white or cool white. This means that you can install the light and then decide what colour temperature is the right one for your circumstances in the place where it really matters.

Extra options

You can double your options on the Tritone TRIPROOF and VISTA because they also include Ecoswitch, which allows you to select between a 20W and a 40W intensity. So there are six settings possible on these versatile fittings. And you can add to that a self-charging emergency battery that keeps the light on during power failures for three hours. Other models are compatible with both the emergency battery and an occupancy sensor called Intellisensor that automatically dims the light when no-one is around.

Switch to LED

So, switching to LED saves money in the long term and saves you the hassle of replacing toxic tubes. It also gives you heaps of extra options that deliver both convenience and a reduction in energy use.

Emergency Lighting Uncategorized

5 Reasons To Install Emergency & Exit Lighting in Your Work Place | Alarming Discovery

Exit & Emergency Lighting

No body really imagines their death in the work place. Maybe this is a good thing, but what if you were responsible for all those deaths?

On top of seeing your precious employees perish in a fire or a terrorism scenario.

Exit and emergency lighting is extremely imperative in these scenarios. Here are our top 5 reasons to have exit and emergency lighting in your work place.

Sydney Fire Saved By Emergency Lighting1.Your Employees Lives Are In Your Hands

Being a business owner or maintenance worker for a small or large business, your role involves keeping your employees and staff safe in case of an emergency situation. If a fire broke out tomorrow in your work place, would you be as happy as these chaps on the left? Being able to walk out of a burning building with no injuries or scratches?

Is A UPS Enough?

Power is usually the first thing to be cut out, at this point, back up power should come on right? WRONG! Unless you have a UPS installed, all the lights would of been cut off by now, you can get them pretty cheap for smaller work places, but for larger workplaces you will need to buy a higher capacity model. More info about UPS systems (see pricing & info here). A UPS system will not keep your employees from certain death though, it can play a big role in allowing enough time for every body to get out of the burning building but what if the exit lights are not working, or there is none?

You Need Exit & Emergency Lighting

This is where Exit & Emergency lights come into play, if you have more employees than yourself, or an area larger than 150 SQM, you should really consider emergency lighting in the workplace. Sure, you may know how to get out of the building in time to save your self, but what about Barry on level 3 who started 2 days ago, will he be able to find his way in a panic quickly downstairs through the fire stairs? Wait, where are the fire stairs? He does not know, because he usually takes the lifts!

Won’t My Building Already Be Protected?

Chances are, probably not. Just because you recently acquired the building, or you are a new site manager, it doesn’t mean the last tenants held up their end. This is in fact how most work place deaths occur. The consequences can be catastrophic. A small kitchen fire once killed 5 kitchen staff members in Wagga Wagga NSW at a pub. This is because being a rural area, they did not have a regular electrician or fire contractor protecting and maintaining the site every 6 months.

Unfortunately not enough is being done with regards to making sure every building has an active emergency lighting system that is regularly maintained according to the AS2293.3 Emergency Lighting Code.

check for exit and emergency at every exit door

2. Locate All Exit & Emergency Lights

  1. Entry & Exit Points
  2. Hallways Leading To Exit Points
  3. If there is more than one door in a room, there needs to be an exit at the door which can lead to an exit the easiest
  4. Fire Stairs – At Every Entry and Exit Point in a fire stairs
  5. Car Parks – Main Entry and Exit (Batten Lights need to have backup battery also)



Emergency lights are required for all exit routes, including aisles, corridors, ramps and stairs, if you are unsure, contact us, we will put you in contact with honest fire contractors and electricians who care about safety and have great transparent & affordable pricing.

Image result for check list

3. Create a Check List – Locate & Replace

Exit and Emergency Check List. Proceed to go through your building, no matter the size, it is very important that you complete the first check.

  • Locate all of the exit signs on site, firstly check if there is an exit sign at every exit door
  • Wonderful, now check if there if any of them are on? Keep a record of the ones that work and also the ones which are not on, to replace later.
  • After shutting down the power in the building, go through with a flash light, and check if they all are still on, it is a legal requirement that they should stay on for at least 90 mins before shutting off to allow enough time to escape if there is a fire or emergency situation.
  • After waiting 90 minutes, compile a list of exit lights that will need to be replaced to a new one. It is important to maintain this every 6 months so your building can be a secure place, often when there is a fire, a lot of publicity comes afterwards and you do not want to be caught out with a non compliant & non maintained emergency setup. The fine can be millions, not to mention gaol time.

4. Visit Our Store to purchase Australian Standard Exit & Emergency Lighting

Learn the difference between indoor and out door emergency lighting, maintained and non maintained. It is important that you get the correct exit and emergency lighting or else your electrician will not be able to install them.

email with your results from your check list and we can supply a part list that will fit your scenario.

Exit & Emergency Lighting


LED Downlights

The Benefits of 10W Downlights

Highly energy efficient LED Downlights

LED down lights are noticeably more energy efficient than the old school, energy-hungry globes. To compare, incandescent globes have an estimated lifespan of no more than 1000 hours, whereas LED light bulbs can last anywhere from 25,000 to 50,000 hours. Quite a significant difference! What does this mean for you? While an LED downlights might be initially more expensive than Halogen globes or compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs), you can potentially save up to 90% on your energy consumption, which means more money stays in your pocket over time!

Benefits of LED Downlights

Energy Efficient LED Downlights and their benefits:

  • Consume around of 85% less energy in compare to halogen or traditional bulbs
  • Save up to 30% energy comparing with CFL lights
  • Save the budget and maintenance costs
  • Long Lasting up to 10,000 to 15,000 hours
  • Enhanced brightness and dimmable
  • Low temperature and cooler environment
  • Save money, environment, electricity bills and maintenance cost even if you use them up to 8 hours every day.

Environmentally friendly

By producing less energy, LED globes produce less greenhouse emissions and create less landfill, because we don’t go through as many of them as we did the old incandescent lights. A big win for the planet!

Better for your family

LED downlights do not contain Mercury, which is found in CFLs. They are therefore easier to clean up in the event of a globe breaking, and provide little health risk to your family or pets.

A great source of light for any situation

Whether you need a strong source of light directly from above to complete a specific project, or a bit of mood lighting for an intimate dinner with your partner, LED down lights offer a high versatile source of light that can be applied to any type of room and adjusted for just about any situation. Globes can be installed in rooms of just about any size, and light can be dimmed or brightened depending on the occasion. LED lights also offer instant brightness, so you don’t have to wait for them to warm up like other energy saving bulb options.

Sleek and stylish

If you’re not particularly fond of having light fixtures hanging from your ceiling, LED down light might appeal. They offer a sleek and stylish, unobtrusive design. They’re installed to appear as though they are part of the ceiling, rather than attached to it. There are numerous designs available too. As a result, you can find one that appeals to your tastes and complements the surrounds of the room.

LED downlights not only help save the environment, but also save you a significant amount of money over time. With all these benefits, the decision to install LED lighting is a no-brainer!