LED Oyster & LED Wall Lights

Globex has a range of indoor and outdoor LED oyster ceiling lights with smart features. Also known as surface mount lights or flush mount lights, LED oyster lights are a practical lighting solution. Globex also offers LED wall washers or LED wall lights as well as sturdy LED bunker lights. The LED oyster ceiling lights include models with emergency batteries and occupancy sensors.

• 50,000 hour expected lifetime
• Shatter proof diffusers
• Low glare lighting

LED Oyster Ceiling Lights

Some of our LED oyster ceiling lights have warm to cool colour temperature selection. There are a range of wattages available – 15, 21, 25 and 32W. They are suitable for various sized spaces inside and out.

LED Wall Lights/Bunker Lights

Globex’s LED decorative wall lights include WALL WASHER and ARCHISPOT.  WALLWASHER is a square up/down light and ARCHISPOT is a pillar light with a silver finish.
For a useful overview of Globex’s indoor and outdoor LED oyster lights and their smart features, take a look at our LED Surface Mount & LED Bunker Lights Flyer.