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Electrical Wholesalers Near Me

Searching for Electrical Wholesalers Near Me? Globex lighting is a 100% Australian owned and operated electrical wholesaler online that is open to the public, our main goal is to provide great products at cost-effective pricing, fast free delivery and Australia wide service. You can call Globex directly anytime during business hours and we will assist you in finding the products that you are after. 

In finding electrical wholesalers near me, you don’t need to be in our direct area, because Globex Lighting provides free fast delivery anywhere in Australia and at much cheaper compared to your nearest electrical wholesaler. We are on average 30% cheaper compared to your local wholesaler, when you deal with Globex Electrical Wholesalers, you are in the right hands, our warehouse is for 100% online orders and as a result, we have less staff than your average wholesaler, less overheads, and thus we can provide far greater pricing. Not to mention, our online catalogue can span over 10,000 different products.

Who are Electrical Wholesalers Near Me? 

Who are Electrical Wholesalers Near Me?

Electrical Wholesalers Near Me

The most common types of electrical wholesalers are TLE, Haymans, John R Turks, Rexel. The problem with these outdated electrical wholesalers is they only hold trade accounts and pricing varies from customer to customer, our model is open and transparent so everybody will get a great price, whether you are a sparky or the business/end-user purchasing the products. At the end of the day, most items will require an electrician to install them so the electrician won’t be missing out on any extra business.

Globex Lighting for this reason the best choice for when you are searching electrical wholesalers near me.

Electrical Wholesalers Near Me?

The best reason to choose Globex is evident when you scroll our site and find what your looking for cheaper than anywhere else, that’s reason 1, but if you check out the following, we have other great reasons to choose Globex as your electrical wholesaler near you.





Electrical Wholesalers Near Me

Electrical wholesalers were created a long time ago, they were open to the public in many towns and were designed to provide the convenience of parts when particular items break down, somewhere along the timeline, it has become a private system where the wholesalers would only supply electricians, the catch here was that each wholesaler would charge a different price to each electrician in the same wholesaler, this meant that bob could pay $10 for a downlight, while Edward could pay upwards of $35. We are all about transparency, and provide both Bob and Edward with a fair deal. That is why you should choose Globex as your favourite electrical wholesaler near me.

Electrical Wholesalers Near Me

Electrical Wholesalers in Australia near you might sell you the wrong part over the counter, it is hard these days to walk up to a busy counter and find out the product you are after, the clerk is just looking to get to the next customer as quick as possible, with Globex as an electrical wholesaler near me, right on your desktop in the confines of your office of house. You can take as long as you like, you can even view our many resources to find what you are searching for.

We guarantee, that whether you are an electrician or end-user reading this, you have access to unparalleled pricing, best in industry service reputation and also many benefits to dealing with Globex as an electrical wholesaler near me.

Our reviews on Google are great, we are also on eBay if you prefer just search Globex Electrical, we are truly Australia wide as an electrical wholesaler.

The Origins of Globex Lighting as Electrical Wholesalers Near

In 2015, a 23-year-old Oktay Guneri created the brand Watts Lighting as an emergency & exit light manufacturer of high-quality affordable fittings. In 2019 we have rebranded to Globex Lighting in line with our business model of exporting globally, Globex Exporters (Globex). In 2019 we have partnered with many lighting and electrical brands to bring the complete range of electrical and lighting accessories direct to you at unbeatable prices.

Our mission is to provide everyday Australians as well as Electricians the products at prices they deserve, Globex is about:

Transparency – Nobody deserves to get ripped off, the last thing you want is to overpay on your requirements for materials and find out later you paid more than you should have. Globex is all about fairness, we show you the prices up front, so you can go and compare with our wholesalers, our whole business model is based around actively searching the internet and other wholesalers to make sure we are providing the best prices constantly so our customers can save some extra money on materials. 

Service – Want to get treated like family? Globex is a family business, we are 100% independent and Australian owned. We don’t have targets we need to please with certain suppliers and we don’t get strong-armed into supplying a particular product to make a certain brand happy. When you ask us what you are after, we genuinely choose the best solution for your job or project. We often give you multiple choices including varying pricing, warranty and product specs. This is so you can make an informed decision every time. We have set the website up so you can shop by the brand as a starting platform and then work your way into their categories. If there is no stock of a particular item for whatever reason, we will notify you with several options, usually at no extra cost to you, so that way you can get on with your job. We actively contact our customers to see how they are tracking, and we implore you to get in contact with us for help. We are happy to help anytime. 

The best place in Australia to find electrical wholesalers near me, is right here, on the Globex Lighting platform. Which is set up for your convenience. 

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