Emergency Exit Signs – Our Top 5 Picks

Emergency Exit Signs

Hi There, welcome to Globex Lighting. We have written this post on behalf of the hundreds of requests we receive monthly for our recommended emergency exit signs to supply for the Australian market. Our Top 10 will break it down for you and provide an exit sign for every purpose. Hope you enjoy it.  If your not sure what an exit sign is click here to learn more.

1. Quick Connect – Emergency Exit Signs

quick fit exit

This is the standard exit light that is the best bang for the buck and usually kept on hand by all sparkies, it is important to have these bad boys near you either at the office or in the van. In most cases and most scenarios, having the quick connect exit on hand will get you out of trouble and provide the customer with a decent LED affordable exit light in their space. Click Here to view them


emergency recessed exit light2. Premium Recessed or Surface Mount

The Premium Recessed/Exit lights are not your every day exits, these are usually requested on tenders or by establishments that require a more professional look in the building. These exits are great to look at and will no doubt impress the customer. They are common in places like restaurants and clubs and can come in a Recessed and a Surface Mounted option. Click Here to View Recessed Version and Here for Surface Version.


Jumbo 48m Exit3. Jumbo Exit Light Indoor and Outdoor

The jumbo exit are not your average exit, hence the name. These are massive exit lights that provide a 48m viewing distance, perfect for a Costco or a large car park, they can come in various types such as Jumbo 48m or Jumbo 40m, in some instances they can come in Jumbo IP65 40m for weatherproof options. If you are in need of jumbos, you can bet Globex Lighting has your back and keeps them in stock and on hand for when they are needed.


Black Exit Light

4. Theatre Emergency Exit Signs – Quick Connect and Blade

Black Exit Lights are awesome, they are needed for night clubs, museums, and places where they are meant to be discreet, nobody wants to see an exit light in a night club, it can ruin the space, that’s why these black exits are invented. They are designed to not be seen by you. Globex provides black and green decals and also black fittings to ensure your exit light is not in view. Click here to view them.


Weatherproof IP65 Exit

Weatherproof IP65 Exit

5. Weatherproof Emergency Exit Signs – Wall and Ceiling IP65

The IP65 Weatherproof Exit Light is designed to be installed in the open, under eaves, or even outside, it has an IP65 Ingress protection rating meaning it can be mounted completely outside and be submerged through the water. It will take more than a splash of water to stop this light from working. It is the go-to choice for sparkies who are in need of weatherproof exit light.  Click Here to View the Wall Version or Ceiling Version

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