Why are your Prices so low?
Globex Lighting offers great prices across the board because we do not have accounts to chase and we want to offer competitive prices for all Electricians, tradesmen and retail customers – not just the ones who purchase in bulk for large projects. So if you are a single electrician you will get the same price as a contractor who has 20 electricians.
Globex Lighting also pays your credit card transaction fee as well as subsidies your freight charge.

How do I add to the shopping cart?
You can add to the shopping cart basket directly from the products thumbnail page or from the detailed page of a product. Next to the main image of every product there is a box titled “add to cart”, within this box there will be a button which you can click on to add this item to the basket.

How do I know my item has been added to the shopping cart?
Once you have clicked on the “add to cart” button to place the item in your shopping cart basket, your page will refresh and the item will be added to your cart. You can then locate the shopping cart basket at the top right of every page. Your items will be listed in the basket, you can also edit them further from here.

How do I get to the checkout?
First locate the shopping cart basket. When the link to “Checkout” is clicked on, it will take you directly to the secure checkout for completion of the purchase.

 How do I edit my items?
You can then locate the shopping cart basket at the top right of every page. Your items will be listed in the basket, you can also edit them further from here.

How do I check the shipping cost on my items?
Click Here to see our  Delivery Charges and shipping times

How do I know my order has been received?
Once an order is received to the site owners administration, you will receive an order confirmation email to the address you entered during the sites secure checkout.
Where are the products delivered from?
Our products are delivered from our warehouse in Wentworth Point NSW Australia or for larger orders delivered direct from the manufacturer, we have reasonable stock of all products at our warehouse. We do not deliver products from overseas.

I would like to visit your warehouse before I place an order to see the actual products before you send them to me. Is that Possible?
No, unfortunately we do not allow visits to our warehouse as it is an 100% online store, and we do not have extra staff such as receptionists and customer service staff to help you. Majority of our staff are forklift drivers and pick and packers. The pictures on our website may vary slightly to the actual goods, contact us if you are unsure.

Do you only sell no name products?
Globex Lighting sells a combination of well known brands like Martec, Tradetec, Globex Lighting, SAL, ENSA, RhinoCo and many more. All our products have the manufacturer written in the description so you are aware of the brand prior to ordering. We also stock brands that have been tried and tested with many providing warranties of 5 years or more such as CSG. Please be aware that a lot of the so called cheaper alternatives are made in the same factories as the better branded products.

Do all your products comply with the relevant Australian Standards?
Yes, all products on this website have been tested by the respective companies that manufacture or import them. If you would like copies of the certifications or addition product information please contact us via ticket here

What if a product fails? 
Please contact us straight away Via Ticket Here, return the faulty item and we will send you a replacement item upon inspection of the faulty item.. Replacement warranty and manufacturer warranty applies to products.

Are you Australian owned? 
Yes, Globex Lighting is Australian owned. Globex Lighting employs over 5 Australian’s in our organization.

What if I find a cheaper item elsewhere? 
Please let us know and we will try to talk to our suppliers and try to get a better deal so we can pass it on to you. Please be aware that some other companies have specials from time to time in which they lose money and they hope to make it up on other more expensive items you buy at the same time. Globex Lighting has great prices on all products every day of the year. If you see another item cheaper please let us know so we can work out a special for you.

I would like to purchase other electrical items not on your website. Can you add them to the site for us?

To maintain our speed of service and low prices we are very selective of our product range, our range changes as the demand of a product increases. At this moment we are selling products that are active on our website. Keep up to date with newly added items, specials and promos by joining our newsletter.

If I order outside business hours when will my order be processed?
The payment will be processed immediately if you pay credit card, you will receive confirmation that the goods have left our premises via an email. You will then be able to track the deliver if sent through Couriers Please.

What if I completed the payment and I selected the wrong product? 
Contact Us immediately or call 0437227480 Mon-Fri 7 am -3pm. We can then easily refund and change the order as per your request. If the order has already been processed, you will be liable for any freight charges applicable to retrieve the goods.

How do I track my order? Has it been shipped?  
You can check the status of your order by clicking into the “Order ” section via “My Account” top menu navigation bar.

My order never arrived
Please contact us straight away if your order has not been received within 2-3 days. Contact Us Via Ticket Here or phone 0437227480 Mon-Fri 7am – 3pm.

An item is missing from my shipment.
Please contact us straight away if your order is incomplete or incorrect. Contact Us via Ticket Here or phone 0437227480 Mon–Fri 7am- 3pm

I think I have been charged incorrectly?
 Please contact us straight away if you believe you have been charge incorrectly. Contact Us via a ticket here or 0437227480 Mon–Fri 7am- 3pm.

I need another copy of my receipt / invoice. 
Log in as a member -in the Members section top right side of the page
Once logged in,  click on “View your Orders” – under Welcome “your name” – in the members section
Find the order you require and click on “View Details”
you can then reprint this page as you require.

You have great prices and I want to buy some products but what if I am not happy with them ?
Most of the products on our website are already used by most Sparkie’s anyway. So you are not receiving some experimental product that has not been used before. They have been tried and tested and all come with good warranties, should you try a product that you do not normally use and you are not 100% satisfied please contact us and we will arrange to replace them. Send your email via ticket here

Are the products insured?
Globex Lighting couriers offer insurance for order at an additional cost. We only use proper courier companies such as TNT, Couriers Please, Allied Express, StarTrack etc. Companies that have a long history of proven reliability in transport. If you wish to purchase transport insurance, the option is available in checkout.

When will my back order arrive?
We will contact you immediately if there is a back order item and advise the expected time frame for the product to be delivered..

How do I create an account?
Click on “My Account” located on the top right area of the website.  In this box you can click on the link to go to the secure log in or account creation page. Once you have created the account, you can use this for future purchases where the items you place in your basket will be remembered even if you leave this online store and come back later.

I forgot my password.
On the edit page of your account, found via the “Members” box, there is a link called “Forgotten your password? Click here.” This is where you can have your password emailed directly emailed to you.

Do you ship to my country?
We Only Ship within Australia.

What are my payment choices?
Payment options will be listed on the third page of the secure checkout. At the base of the page there will be a drop down list to choose your preferred method.
Choose between

Visa or MasterCard via National Australia Bank secure site – (instant payment- order dispatched immediately)
Pay Pal
Direct Deposit, (Delayed Payment – may take up to 72hrs for funds to clear into our account – Goods are only shipped once payments are cleared)

When will my order ship and what are my shipping charges?

Please Click Here to see our  Delivery Charges and shipping times.

All prices shopping cart are guaranteed to be fair and accurate in our industry market, they will not alter from the time of your purchase to the time you are charged.

All prices shown are GST Exclusive.The GST amount paid will be indicated on your invoice at check out

Privacy Policy
We will NEVER sell, share, or rent this information to others. This site collects information from our users at several different points on our website.

Globex Lighting have created a very secure buying environment. Our payment partner is the NAB and Paypal, this company handles your details on their servers when you pay by credit card. It’s all secured with 128bit SSL. Globex Lighting will not see your details or credit card numbers – only the results of the order. the highest level protection for internet sales. The payment process is instant. The checkout securely encrypts all payment information when a small padlock appears in the bottom right hand corner of your internet browser.

I have a question on my charges.
Please contact the site owner via a ticket here

When will my credit card be charged?
Your credit card is charged immediately on purchase, if your card can not be charged, the goods you ordered will not be sent.

How do I find my product?
There are three ways to find the item you are looking for. 1) Browse through the stores categories. 2) Use the search tool to find the item through keywords. 3) Browse by brand.

How do I contact you?
Via a ticket here or Simply Call 0437 227 480

Can I add to your testimonials?
Please do. Send all testimonials us here

I would like an account so I can get 30 days after the end of the month to pay my invoices. Do you offer accounts?
No, Globex Lighting does not offer accounts. If we did, our prices will increase to cover the additional paperwork and liability. Most Credit cards offer you 30 – 45 days interest free terms anyway similar to an account from a bricks and mortar wholesaler. Most credit cards also offer reward points you can then convert them to receive free gifts etc.

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