Introducing Labour Warranty

Globex Lighting has just launched labour warranty.

What is a labour warranty? 

Labour warranty is when a business provides an extra layer of warranty compared to the standard replacement/repair warranty. This is a game-changer in Australia for sparkies.

How does it work?

Let’s say for example you purchased 10 smoke alarms from our store today, in this case, we offer 10 years product replacement warranty as well as 10 years labour warranty. In the event that a product fails 7 years and 3 months from today (example). You will fill out our warranty form online and then can let us know what the issue is. Once you have started a paperwork trail on our warranty form and your claim has been accepted. you may start the process of replacing the product, we will not only provide the replacement product for free to cover the faulty item. we will also compensate you for your time. Whether it is in the form of extra stock so you can make more money or in the form of a payment sent to your account based on the time it took to replace the unit.

Do all products qualify for the labour warranty?

We have launched a labour warranty today, as time goes on more and more products will be added, but we are confident that over 80% of the range qualifies for labour warranty, you will see a labour warranty badge next to the product image, this will indicate the product is covered. You are required to maintain the fittings to an appropriate standard and carry out testing/maintenance as needed according to the Australian standards, you may need to supply this information upon your claim.

Why are we offering a labour warranty?

Globex Lighting backs the complete range of products completely, our products stand the test of time, and our failure rate is extremely low, instead of telling you this, we are instead showing you that we will go that extra step and compensate you for your time should the product become defective and need to be replaced/repaired.


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