led batten lights

LED Batten Lights

Globex Lighting is an LED batten lights supplier in Australia. We provide Australia’s best prices online with free delivery Australia wide 24/7 to all locations. Have confidence in a great Australian company that provides high quality affordable lighting solutions.

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buy haneco lighting

Haneco LED Batten Lights

Browse one of the largest batten ranges in Australia, high quality fixtures at affordable prices. 


CLA LED Batten Lights

CLA is an Australian supplier of a huge range of LED lighting products, check the range out below.


Tradetec LED Batten Lights

Tradetec provides affordable LED lighting solutions and LED batten lights.

globex lighting

Globex LED Batten Lights

Globex provides great trade ready LED batten lights designed for Australian buildings. 

LED Batten Lights

LED Batten lights by Globex Lighting is Australia’s go to store for all there batten lighting needs. We keep all kinds of batten lights in stock ready for dispatch. 

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