LED Lighting for your room

Having the right LED light, it directly impacts how a room feels, it’s about two things, how it looks and the second is how it feels. Considering the importance of the look you want to achieve, this will change the quality of the finished project. Brighten the area in a smart way that looks great and performs.

Think about the space available and the design of the room, try to make the best use of the available space. The lighting should work with the purpose of the room, not against it. That’s why, with our lights, we provide different colour fittings and different colour temperatures that make every room in your house or office unique.

We have lights that dimmable to adjust the light levels as needed.

What types of led lighting is available for your room?

  • LED Downlight ideas
  • LED Strip Lights and Profiles ideas
  • Build your own light (coming soon)
  • Floor Desk Lamps

How much does LED lighting cost for my room?

Depends on what you want to do to it, but generally per room, if it’s a normal house, will be about $20-30 per room, but for example if you want to deck out a living room with 6 downlights, 4 mini cob downlights in the corners, led strip under tv and tv unit. The cost of this would be around $200-500 depending on the quality and fitting types needed.

Categories for LED Lighting for your room

Here are all of the categories for LED lighting below:

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LED Lighting Builder

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