LED Oyster Light – Our Ultimate Guide For Buying Ceiling Lights in Australia


Hi, and welcome to the Globex Lighting blog called the “Ultimate Buying Guide”.

We cover the Full Spectrum for buying LED oyster lights, we understand your next project is a valuable one and you want to choose the best fitting for the environment. Often times we see many people just going online and buying the cheapest oyster they see without any regard for product look function as well as suitability, if you know what your looking for then great, check out the LED Oyster Lights here, otherwise keep reading on for our ultimate guide.

We break the guide down to 2 easy steps: The first one being the oyster type, the second being the application.

In order to choose the right type of Led oyster light for your next project whether it is residential commercial or even industrial we need to first understand the different types of oyster lights there are out there.


1. The first type is the light bulb oyster lights this is the most simple type and the most old fashioned type it usually has a glass or a plastic cover with either one or two bulbs sockets inside if you have this type of oyster light and you are not looking at removing the actual fitting your easiest choice of the upgrade will be to just buy LED light bulbs also you need to pay attention to the space inside the glass if done correctly it is a very simple 5-minute install and your energy savings can be up to 90%. Click here to view our LED bulbs.

2. The second type of Led oyster light is the fluro oyster light this is the most common out there in the market however this draws the most electricity out of all the oyster lights and it is almost an ancient technology fluro oyster lights along being phased out with the replacements of Led oyster lights comma by upgrading to a LED oyster light in this fittings place you can actually save again 50 to 90% of energy savings you do so

3. The third and final type of Led oyster light is the LED oyster light these are the fittings which you will find below on this page these are the newest technology and energy-efficient oyster lights in today’s market full stop these fittings use LED chips inside instead of globes of tubes they also physically look the best as well as perform the best comma with the LED technology and the spread-out chips it allows the light to diffuse evenly and they are housed in slimmer fittings compared to that of fluro oysters comma all about LED oyster lights a surface mounted either for a wall or ceiling with the easy install from the back.

Now that we understand the various types of oyster lights we can continue into our buying guide below:

We’re going to talk about applications for LED oyster lights now generally oyster lights can be found from anywhere such as bedrooms Hallways schools hospitals Kitchens unit blocks office buildings and much more

If your install is for indoors then you can go with an ip20 rated oyster light which is for inside or indoors, these are generally you’re more affordable oyster lights with a slimmer design and may come in white fittings or silver fittings, generally, the wattage of this oyster lights will range between 16w and 24w depending on the ceiling height.

Next up you have the ip65 oyster lights comma these are generally installed Outdoors as they have Ingress protection of ip65 which means that no rainwater will go inside to fit in once installed correctly which means dislike can be Installed Outdoors in stairways under the pergola in sheds comma these lights are more heavy-duty and more in line with commercial installations but again can be used in your backyard area if you’re installing indoor.

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