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Exit Emergency Lighting

Emergency and exit light products by Globex Lighting are the number one choice for contractors to install, we have the largest range available in emergency exit category with great pricing. Free shipping available on our website. Globex products are proven to be superior and less expensive than other big named brands in Australia. Our emergency and exit products have been featured in landmark buildings across Australia and is trusted by Councils, Electrical Contractors, Builders, Planners and often the first specified item on a tender.

Exit Emergency Lighting Types

We supply many types of Emergency and exit light products including Exit Lights that come in indoor, outdoor types, 24m viewing and also jumbo 48m viewing types. Weatherproof & Indoor Emergency, Standard Battens. We supply Emergency Fittings such as spitfires in recessed and surface mounted, Theatre Range exit emergency products are also available.

Our Exit Emergency Lights Warranty

We provide a 3-year warranty on all of the globex emergency range of products offered on the sale date. If there is a defective product in your order, it will be replaced straight away.

Exit Emergency Lighting Information

If you want to read on our emergency lighting blogs click here. If you want to learn about spacing tables for mounting emergency and exit lights click here. If you want to read up on the AS2293 emergency lighting standards click here.

Give Globex Lighting a go today and see how we can support your next project, job or installation business. If you need to contact us, call 0437227480 Monday To Friday or email us at sales@globexlighting.com.au any time.

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