Blade Exit Lights

Blade Exit Lights

Blade Exit Lights

Globex Lighting is a quality manufacturer of a wide range of Blade Exit Lights. A Blade Exit Light is similar to a regular exit light but with a razor or blade-type slimline finish. This range has been designed and created with the help of electrical contractors and architects to achieve a great design while also being very functional and easy to install and test.

The internals are made with a high-strength fire-rated plastic with a quality LED driver and 100,000 hours of LED life backed up by a LIFEPO4 Lithium Nanophosphate battery that provides a 3-hour emergency backup.

This range of Blade Exit Lights provides an exceptional light output that is second to none with an even light distribution technology and a superior quality of diffuser used.

Globex Lighting Provides a unique service of being a manufacturer and direct supplier of high-quality emergency lights. We represent the company pride to the fullest and make sure you have a positive experience with Globex Lighting.

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