The following brands are distributed in Australia by CCA Wealth Pty Ltd 647 214 462:
CCA Wealth Pty Ltd, Hildebrandt Manufacturing, Globex Lighting, Watts Emergency Lighting, Royal Smoke Alarms,
Cryptocurrency Australia, Trade Supplier.

For warranty claims:
You can submit a claim for any of our distributed product range if your claim meets the following criteria.

Unless stated otherwise, all CCA Wealth Pty Ltd distributed products are subject to a refund claim if the product meets the
criteria in the warranty policy and terms and conditions for workmanship or manufacture defect that causes the issue.
Any other reason including but not limited to overbuying, accidental purchase, found it cheaper elsewhere, the customer
changed mind, you changed mind or any other reason, we do not accept a refund for any of these reasons.
The only refund we accept is for the reasons outlined in our warranty policy and terms and conditions and a refund request
must be lodged within 7 days of receiving the goods.
If accepted, you will have to organise your own freight to our office or contact us to organise your freight for you.
Once you receive a claim number from CCA Wealth Pty Ltd, you will be instructed to organise freight, or we can organise the

Goods will not be accepted without a claim number, goods sent without a corresponding claim number will be considered
lost as we won’t be able to identify who, or where the goods came from, the reason for delivery etc, our warehouse team will
not be expecting it and thus we won’t be aware of the returned package.

CCA Wealth Pty Ltd
U47, 8 Murray Dwyer Circuit
Mayfield West NSW 2304

There will be costs that will be incurred for a refund request including but not limited to:
(i) 30% Restocking fee.
(ii) All freight costs initially to the customer and in the process sending back will be deducted from the refund.
(iii) If the goods are found to have been tampered with, damaged, vandalised, opened etc then that can affect the refund
decision and also may add on extra costs.
Thanks for your understanding.

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