Sensor Ceiling Lights

The sensor ceiling lights by Globex Lighting are a great range of lights that complement any environment it is in. It is a subtle yet unique ceiling light that blends style and energy efficiency together. Watch as the team at Globex Lighting dive in and give you a virtual product tour of the sensor light.

sensor ceiling light

Sensor Ceiling Lights

The Globex Lighting LED Ceiling Light with an in-built sensor is a great product that is fit for many different applications indoors. It can be used in hallways, staircases, rooms, dorms, high and low traffic areas, and the list goes on and on.

This product has smart lighting capabilities that aim to save up to 80% energy efficiency compared to traditional methods of lighting. The sensor ensures the light is only operational when there is motion detected thus eliminating the use of wasted electricity.

Traditional LED Ceiling Lights VS Sensor Ceiling Lights

Traditional LED ceiling lights are still a great alternative to halogen and fluorescent lighting products, you can gain over 50% saved electricity when upgrading to LED from the former. When comparing the sensor ceiling lights to the regular LED lights, we need to keep in mind that the savings come in the form of smarter usage.

Being a sensor light, human error and forgetting to initially switch the light off can add to the increased use of energy when comparing the statistics to a year worth of use especially when you have more than one light installed.

The sensor light can even save up to 50% compared to a standard LED light. Let’s take a university or a school building as an example, normally you would have hundreds of lights that are turned on at 7 am and turned off after 10 pm, this is sometimes 9 hours a day of continued light use. now imagine how many of those lights do not need to be on all the time.

One of the huge benefits of upgrading to sensor ceiling lights is the fact that while there is nobody present, the light does not need to be on for no reason. The light is only switched on when there is detection detected from within 8 meters. The light will turn on automatically and shut off a little while after they leave. Globex Lighting is literally the expert of sensor and smart lighting solutions.

Sensor Ceiling Lights – Durability & Longevity

There are many benefits to upgrading to sensor ceiling lights”

  1. Globex Sensor Ceiling Lights are rated to 100,000 Hours of life – normally this would be around 11 years of regular usage 9-5, now let’s take into account the amount of LED life saved if this light was only on for 3 hours a day all up due to its sensor use. Hypothetically speaking this would last 33 years. It is not always the case, but as you can see it is clearly a long life for each light.
  2. Tough Steel Body – The Globex Lighting LED sensor ceiling light is created by pressed steel, the body is durable and is powder-coated to be a strong fitting that will last in any indoor condition, we did not want to create a light that almost lasts for every on a body that will deteriorate fast. This is the special combination of Globex products, they are built to last
  3. Great Internals Long-Lasting – Being a manufacturer of high quality LED lights and are leading distributors for many great Australian brands, we know a thing or two about lighting, our primary customers are contractors and electrician, we build these lights for the installer in mind and aim to create simple outstanding products. The inside of the fitting is just as important as the outside. With great LED driver technology and emergency lighting technology inside this fitting, it allows us to provide a 3 year complete fitting warranty, we are the first company in Australia to offer 3 years on the complete fitting, we are that confident you are choosing a great product.

Sensor Ceiling Lights – How do they work?

Sensor Ceiling LightsAfter the light is installed and the power switched on, the light will stay on as you have just finished installing it and the sensor is reacting to your body, once you and everybody else in that area leave the room or detection range (8 metres) the light will automatically turn off.

The sensor works great to pick up your movement when you are in the area so it will not prematurely shut up. It will stay active as long as the movement continues in the area.

These lights are perfect for areas just like smaller car parks, hallways, university, schools hospitals where the foot traffic is common and also not so common.

Sensor Ceiling Lights – Save you money

These lights are created to cut down costs, plain and simple, the LED lighting technology is forever evolving and sensor smart lighting is becoming the norm, if you are reading this because you want to upgrade, you are at the right place, you are picking a product that will compliment your home or business.

It will look great and serve a real purpose in lowering your lighting-related bills, it will ensure the lights are only used when they need to be on and off when they should be on all the time.

Smart lighting is nothing short of impressive, when we designed and created we added a feature that potentially saves lives. We have added an emergency led driver and battery pack into this model, it is SAA approved to Australian standards as an emergency light. It even has a manual test button.

This feature was added in case the power cuts off due to a short circuit or any other emergency situation such as a city-wide blackout, these lights will stay on for another 3 hours after the blackout occurs, this ensures the building is still lit up permanently until things resume back to normal.

So these are Emergency Sensor Ceiling Lights?

Globex Lighting has gone all out on creating the perfect sensor light, no other company has the attention to detail and create a smart lighting product that is useful in emergency situations also, the light has gone through hundreds of hours of rigorous testing.

The battery will last years and we warranty the battery at 3 years also. Have confidence that the product you are buying is 100% Australian approved and certified to the relevant Australian standards.

Final Words

sensor ceiling lightsIt’s not everyday light like this becomes available at a price like this, its no secret the Globex Lighting products are the most sought after ceiling lights in the Australian market, we provide pricing that is unmatched and quality that is unbeatable. We are a 100% Australian owned and operated company and provide 3 years warranty on every lighting product we distribute.

Every order comes with a warranty certificate and with the added benefit of free delivery in Australia. We are not just hellbent on creating great products for the Aussie market, we pride our selves on our customer service and after-sales.

When you purchase from Globex Lighting you are receiving the complete experience, automated tracking numbers sent once the purchase is complete, your dedicated account manager that can assist you with any questions you might have before or after buying. Hints and tips and a well of knowledge is only one step away at all times.

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