Black Surface Spitfire IP65

  • Long life electronics
  • White model available here
  • Low energy consumption
  • High ambient temperature rating (40°C)
  • Wall, ceiling mounting
  • 3 Years Warranty
  • High Quality Lithium battery

$98.75 exGST 10%



Black Surface Mount Emergency Light IP65

Black Surface Mount Emergency Light 3W by Globex is a surface mounted emergency luminaire which provides a non maintained output emergency light. It is a sturdy metal fitting which provides its users with a large cable entry via multiple points in the event of running conduit. This emergency fitting is created with the installer in mind. Have confidence that you are buying from Globex Lighting, we are a proven lighting supplier in the market in which we provide a 3 year warranty on our emergency lighting range as well as free national Australia wide delivery. So no matter where you are in Australia. Globex will provide you the best emergency lighting with free delivery always.

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