Weatherproof Exit – Wall Mount


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Weatherproof Exit – Wall Mount

SKU: GL-IP65-Wall-Mount


  • Advanced battery technology

  • 24m viewing distance

  • Emergency classification: C0 E2.5 C90 E1.6

  • Wall surface-mounted

  • IP65 ingress protection – IP Rating Chart

  • Low energy consumption

  • Long-life electronics

  • Maintained operation

  • 3-year warranty

  • Designed and tested in accordance with AS/NZS 2293.1

The new Globex Lighting universal Weatherproof Exit is an all-in-one solution for Ip65 rated exit signage. It also comes with an IP65 (weatherproof) cable gland in the box if you need to mount it where there is direct rain or harsh weather conditions outside. This exit is truly a “one fitting for all purposes” as it allows the Globex Weatherproof Exit to be mounted inside, outside, on the ceiling, on the wall. If you are mounting this light on a ceiling, it will be classified as a Emergency Bulkhead in maintained or non-maintained mode with an emergency classification of D63 This brings a new meaning to the word “universal” with its IP65 rating and aesthetically pleasing design with dual usage options.

  • Even Light Distribution across the diffuser
  • Running Man Legends (Middle, Left & Right)
  • Indoor & Outdoor Suitable (IP65)
  • Lithium-Ion Phosphate Battery (LiFeP04)
  • Single sided only
  • Maintained and Non-Maintained Operation
  • Can Be Wall Mounted as an exit or Ceiling Mounted as a bulkhead.
  • Certified in accordance with AS2293.3 Australian Standards.
  • 3 years manufacturer’s warranty – 2 years on battery

What’s included in the “IP65 Exit Weatherproof – Wall Mount 24m” box?

  • 1 X Globex Lighting 24m Exit Sign
  • 1 X IP65 Cable Gland
  • 1 X Installation Manual
  • 1 X Set of Running Man Legends (Left, Right & Middle)

Why buy this IP65 Exit Weatherproof – Wall Mount 24m?

The Globex exit sign provides high performance compared to even the existing exit signs in the market today over both quality and price.

Reducing your running costs. Our Exit Sign uses just 4W of power while maintained, this is a huge decrease compared to the older models of up to 20W. This alone can save you around $20 per exit sign per year.

Reducing your maintenance costs. The second huge benefit is that LED Exit Signs require reduced maintenance fees. LED Exit Signs do not need to be replaced often, and they can last over 5-10 years, for this reason alone, we provide a 3-year warranty replacement if there are any faulty units. Compare this to fluorescent units, which often need to repaired every 6-12 months. This means fewer trips from the fire contractors, or if you are an electrician or fire contractor, this means fewer trips to replace parts, this exit light is truly a fit and forget light. Our warranty process is very easy if one of our exit signs fail onsite, we will send another unit to be swapped out with the faulty item if this occurs.

Truly “Universal” Exit Light. As stated previously, This exit light you can wall/ceiling mount, mount indoor – IP20/IP44 and outdoor – IP65. It is single and double-sided, this is the perfect light for a contractor to have in his arsenal, this is the kind of light that literally suit all of your applications.

IP65 Exit Weatherproof – Wall Mount 24m – Specifications

Power UseOnly 4W (Stand-By) or 3W (Switched On)
Operating Voltage220 – 240 V AC
Battery TypeComes with LiFeP04 Lithium Ion Phosphate backup Battery
Weight0.77 kg (packaged weight 1.1kg)
InstallationHard Wired
ApplicationEvery Building which requires exit lights

Certified to AS2293 with an Emergency Classification of C0 D3.2 C90 E2.5

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What about replacement batteries?

Replacement batteries are not available separately. If there is a failure within the warranty period of 2 years, a replacement fitting will be provided, if a failure occurs after this time, then you will need to purchase a new fitting.

Are their other types of IP65 Exit Weatherproof – Wall Mount 24m?

We provide a few others also.

  • Recessed Blade 24m here
  • Surface Blade 24m here
  • IP65 Wall Mount here
  • Black Exit Sign here

Exit Emergency Lighting Information

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IP65 Exit Weatherproof – Wall Mount 24m

The IP65-Wall-Mount is a sturdy wall-mounted LED Exit Light that is designed to withstand external environments and harsh weather conditions. It produces excellent illumination with a long-lasting battery for years of dependable Exit Lighting.

Its robust, water-tight polycarbonate enclosure provides excellent protection against water, dust and impact and is well suited for a range of outdoor applications such as car parks and exposed stairwells, as well as indoor areas such as swimming centres, construction zones and train stations.

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If you need to know emergency codes & standards please see below.

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Weatherproof Exit – Wall Mount

Weatherproof Exit - Wall Mount