Weatherproof Exit Light IP65 LED 8W Emergency

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Weatherproof Exit Light LED

The IWeatherproof Exit Light LED with 3-hour emergency duration is IP65 rated making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.  It be set for emergency operation in either maintained or non-maintained modes. It is therefore ideal for use in corridors, workshops and permanently illuminated emergency exit signs.

Features & Benefits

Comes with all running man decals (Left, Right & Middle)

Discharge duration – 3 hours (Lithium Battery)
255 Lumens (200 when on back up)
IP65 rated (Weatherproof) IP Ratings Chart
Powder coated pressed Chassis
Self extinguishing poly-carbonate Body
Self extinguishing poly-carbonate Diffuser


Quantity Price
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Weatherproof Exit Light LED

The Weatherproof Exit Light LED – maintained and non-maintained. Maintained,These luminaries have the advantage of being able to be switched between the maintained function (lamp illuminated at all times) and non-maintained (lamp off until power supply fails), making them ideal for applications such as corridors, workshops and permanently illuminated emergency exit signs.The maintained luminaries also have the facility of being switched in banks of up to ten units. Non-maintained,These luminaries are only illuminated on a failure of the mains supply. Ideal for emergency exits, switch rooms and storage areas.

The Weatherproof Exit Light LED by Globex is a dual purpose fitting, it can be used as a non maintained fitting in areas such as shopping centres and hallways and turn on in an emergency situation. Alternatively it can be used as a maintained fitting, this means the light will always be on. Please specify which fitting you would like to purchase as there are two types.

Our emergency exit weatherproof can be mounted on a wall or a ceiling, it is multi mountable and even comes with exit diffusers (left, middle and right running man arrows) incase you would like to use this fitting as a weatherproof exit light. This is a real cost saver to our customers as having a box of these lights is in the van is a huge time saver, if you install emergency lights, you would understand the benefit of being able to have both an weatherproof exit, a emergency bulkhead, an IP65 emergency and indoor wall mountable all in one fitting. Tech sheets are available to download.

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