KASTA Smart Dimmer Module, Trailing Edge, 300W, Five Wire


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Phase-Cut (Trailing Edge)

Bluetooth LED dimmer

Smart Wireless LED Lighting Dimmer that fits in behind a standard wall plate and connects to a Momentary button. It can be manually operated, controlled via the free KASTA APP or programmed for automated operation.


Short Press for On/Off Control

Long Press for Dimming Control

3 Wire Power = Active Neutral & Load

2 Wire Switch = Momentary Push Button

Robust Wireless Bluetooth Mesh

iOS & Android APP setup and Control

Multiway Wireless Control with Remote Switch Mechanism

Group and Scene Functions

Timer and Scheduling Functions

Suits all Wall plates using Momentary Button


Residential, Apartments

Datasheet Downloads – Trailing Edge Dimmer


Power Supply 220-240VAC 50HZ

LED Load Power 2W-300W*


Dimming Method Trailing Edge

Dimming Range 2% to 100%

Operating Ambient Temp -20 to 40°

Thermal Derating 25 to 40° (350W-175W)

Multigang Derating 2=225W, 3=165W

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