The Benefits of 10W Downlights

Highly energy efficient LED Downlights

LED down lights are noticeably more energy efficient than the old school, energy-hungry globes. To compare, incandescent globes have an estimated lifespan of no more than 1000 hours, whereas LED light bulbs can last anywhere from 25,000 to 50,000 hours. Quite a significant difference! What does this mean for you? While an LED downlights might be initially more expensive than Halogen globes or compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs), you can potentially save up to 90% on your energy consumption, which means more money stays in your pocket over time!

Benefits of LED Downlights

Energy Efficient LED Downlights and their benefits:

  • Consume around of 85% less energy in compare to halogen or traditional bulbs
  • Save up to 30% energy comparing with CFL lights
  • Save the budget and maintenance costs
  • Long Lasting up to 10,000 to 15,000 hours
  • Enhanced brightness and dimmable
  • Low temperature and cooler environment
  • Save money, environment, electricity bills and maintenance cost even if you use them up to 8 hours every day.

Environmentally friendly

By producing less energy, LED globes produce less greenhouse emissions and create less landfill, because we don’t go through as many of them as we did the old incandescent lights. A big win for the planet!

Better for your family

LED downlights do not contain Mercury, which is found in CFLs. They are therefore easier to clean up in the event of a globe breaking, and provide little health risk to your family or pets.

A great source of light for any situation

Whether you need a strong source of light directly from above to complete a specific project, or a bit of mood lighting for an intimate dinner with your partner, LED down lights offer a high versatile source of light that can be applied to any type of room and adjusted for just about any situation. Globes can be installed in rooms of just about any size, and light can be dimmed or brightened depending on the occasion. LED lights also offer instant brightness, so you don’t have to wait for them to warm up like other energy saving bulb options.

Sleek and stylish

If you’re not particularly fond of having light fixtures hanging from your ceiling, LED down light might appeal. They offer a sleek and stylish, unobtrusive design. They’re installed to appear as though they are part of the ceiling, rather than attached to it. There are numerous designs available too. As a result, you can find one that appeals to your tastes and complements the surrounds of the room.

LED downlights not only help save the environment, but also save you a significant amount of money over time. With all these benefits, the decision to install LED lighting is a no-brainer!

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