What is LED lighting?

LED lighting is the latest technology in energy-efficiency. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode, which is a semiconductor which turns electricity into light. to learn even more visit Wikipedia

LED lighting is really energy efficient, it uses around 80% less energy than old school lighting products such as halogen or incandescents – this means big savings for electrical bills. Aside from money, LED lighting have a much longer life than other types of lighting – see the table below. Browse LED Lights. 

Light TypeLight Life
LED25,000-50,000 hours
CFL8,000-15,000 hours
Halogen1,000-5,000 hours
Incandescent1,000 hours

*Depending on the fitting

Other types of LED lighting?

LED Lighting comes in many shapes and sizes, they are either completely new fittings or replacements and remakes of older models.


  • Incandescent globes look like the traditional ‘Edison’ shaped light bulb, with a filament strung across two metal bars in the centre of the globe.
  • As of November 2009, you are no longer able to purchase standard incandescent globes.
  • Incandescent are extremely inefficient because they only converted 5-10% of the energy they produced into the light, while the remainder was converted to heat.
  • The final result was an extreme waste of electricity.


  • CFLs are fluorescent tubes twisted into shape to fit a standard light fitting.
  • CFLs are about 80% more efficient than incandescent globes but have some restrictions, such as dimming size and appearance.

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