Who Can Test Emergency Lighting?

who can test emergency lighting
Who Can Test Emergency Lighting?

With time, the Australian government has preserved specific standards that assist to ensure the security and security of residents of structures at all times. This implies that if your business is based in a building, then you require to have clear techniques for evacuation in case of an emergency situation. The requirements also provide a set of emergency situation light screening steps that will guarantee that the emergency light, as well as, its elements are in ideal working condition.

Emergency situation lighting is essential to the security of structure residents. It decreases the threat by supplying illuminated evacuation courses during scenarios such as blackouts or electrical failure due to natural or human-made catastrophes.

What do emergency lighting standards provide?

The Australian sets of standards offer an assurance, as well as, a plan for the implementation and constant maintenance of emergency lighting in structures. Services are needed to comply with these requirements to make sure all emergency situation lights are in ideal working conditions.

Emergency and Exit Light Testing

If your service is based in a building, you need to have clear evacuation techniques in place for emergencies. Emergency situation light testing and exit light testing will guarantee your organization has a clear exit course in place in case of an emergency situation.

According to the Building Regulations of Australia, an emergency lighting system must be installed on every level of a building where a floor has a flooring space of more than 300m2. The system must be set up in every hallway that is part of an evacuation path, or in any room that has a flooring space more than 100m2 that does closed to a hallway. Exit indications should be plainly noticeable and set up above doors that result in any required exits or roads/open space.

How typically do I need exit and emergency light testing?

According to the AS2293.2 standard for emergency situation lighting testing & inspection, all emergency luminaires and exit signs require to be examined at 6-monthly intervals. The test will continue till every emergency situation light or exit sign is evaluated.

Your lighting system should get another test every 12 months with all the very same procedures as the 6-monthly test, plus the inspection and cleaning of fittings and reflective surface areas. A qualified specialist will be able to identify any faults in your lighting through comprehensive evaluation and compliance with the present safety requirements.

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